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FORM+TEST develops and produces material testing machines and test systems of high quality. More than 60 years' experience, extensive know-how and an ultra-modern production are the basic of our activity.

Our production potential includes compression testing machines, bending and flexure testing machines, tensile testing machines for more or less all materials and test requirements.

We can offer you low-maintenance, durable, practical  and user-friendly solutions. With our own service- and calibration laboratory we ensure the optimal utilization of your investments.

Innovation, precision, durability made in Germany by Form + Test


  • Fachmesse für die Baustoffprüfung

    Fachmesse für die Baustoffprüfung

    Mit großem Zuspruch veranstalteten die Firmen FORM+TEST Seidner & Co. GmbH, HAVER & BOECKER OHG, KNIELE Baumaschinen GmbH, Dr. Jung + Partner - LASTRADA, LUDWIG Feuchtemessung und Proceq SA am 29.11.2016 ihre zweite gemeinsame Fachmesse für Interessierte und Kunden im Bereich der stationären und portablen Prüf- und Analysetechnik für Baustoffe. Mehr als 110 Teilnehmer aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum fanden sich an diesem Tag im neuen Werk am Standort bei FORM+TEST in Riedlingen ein.

  • Flexural device according to ASTM C78

    Flexural device according to ASTM C78

    Flexural device for testing concrete beams according to ASTM C78. Suitable for testing machines DELTA 5 and DELTA 6. Flexural device can be built-in into the existing testing machine.

  • New Production- and Assembly Plant

    New Production- and Assembly Plant

    FORM+TEST invests in the construction of a new production and assembly plant on the existing company site in order to safeguard and improve the production of high-quality products here in Riedlingen.

  • Production of Hydraulic Cylinders

    Production of Hydraulic Cylinders

    On 01.12.2013 FORM+TEST could completely inherit the range of products of the renowned cylinder manufacturer “ZBS Ballmann” in the course of a succession.

  • Calibration of Load Cells

    Calibration of Load Cells

    BROSA AG is manufacturer of high-quality sensors for force measurement. The BROSA force measuring elements are constructed and manufactured acc. to different, partially patented, configuration concepts - depending on application-specific requirements. High measurement accuracies are guaranteed in the long term due to the consideration of the exact installation situation from the construction up to the calibration of the sensors.

  • Cylinder-/Drilling Core Grinding Machine PSM 4

    Cylinder-/Drilling Core Grinding Machine PSM 4

    Surface grinding machine with height adjustable grinding table. The grinding table can be adjusted in height by means of a hand wheel by a lifting element.

  • Specimen Moulds Made of Special Plastics

    Specimen Moulds Made of Special Plastics

    low-wear, rigid, unbreakable, self-lubricating (teflon-coated)

  • Bending Test Machine DELTA 5-200 S

    Bending Test Machine DELTA 5-200 S

    for tests on steel fibre concrete and the like

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FORM+TEST Seidner&Co. GmbH
Zwiefalter Straße 20
88499 Riedlingen 

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