Insulator Test

Insulators have a broad range of uses in the energy technology sector depending on the application. They ensure a reliable current flow from the power stations to the end consumer. Porcelain or synthetic insulators are used depending on the area of application. Their length and design are adapted to the respective area of use.
The mechanical loads on insulators are enormous. Their high capacity and decades of reliability is mainly proven through routine check testing. As a result, to date there are no standardised solutions. FORM+TEST creates solutions here using automated systems, which keeps testing costs low. elit.

  • Bending Testing Machine BP

    Bending Testing Machine BP

    Tensile strength test on high-voltage insulators. Sturdy profile machine L-form frame. The work table has a machined surface with T-slots. The work table can be rotated by 4 x 90°. Built-in test cylinder with adjustable height.

  • Tensile Testing Machine ZM

    Tensile Testing Machine ZM

    Horizontal testing on test specimens of variable length up to 30 m to determine tensile strength, breaking load and elongation.

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