Metal Test

Testing metallic materials includes numerous mechanical-technological test methods. Herewith specific material properties are determined and it can be checked whether the demand on usage properties are being met.

With testing machines from FORM + TEST, standard tests such as tensile tests, compression tests and bending tests can be carried out, as well as application-specific test scenarios.

The reliable test technology ensures a high sample throughput and test results that are repeatable at any time. The simple operation of the testing technology enables the best possible user-friendliness for fast training and test implementation.

  • Universal Testing Machine Type TTM

    Universal Testing Machine Type TTM

    Due to their modular design, servo-hydraulic testing machines are used for the universal execution of tests with very different test requirements and specimen dimensions. The series is designed for the latest materials and component testing technology. Their design opens up a wide range of possibilities.

  • Universal Testing Machine Type UP-H

    Universal Testing Machine Type UP-H

    Modular testing machine for demanding static and dynamic testing tasks in research, development and quality assurance. The solid test frame in 2-column design guarantees a high flexibility of adaptation and specimen holding options. Test load: 1 - 3000 kN

  • Bending Testing Machine HE 500

    Bending Testing Machine HE 500

    Determining plastic deformation in the bending test, determing the behaviour of metallic material specimens under uniaxial compressive stress and optical assessement of weld joints after the specimen

  • Tensile Testing Machine ZP 1200

    Tensile Testing Machine ZP 1200

    Force, displacement or tensile tests, deformation control - depending on the expansion stage - in closed servo-hydraulic control loop for metal specimens from sheets, rods or tubes or connecting elements

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