Pin Extraction Test

The first industrially produced pins in Germany were created in 1926. Since then, an array of different fixing systems has come to the market Countless practical applications require well-founded testing with regard to load-bearing behaviour using extraction tests. If there is no analytical process then the parameters for measuring fixing technology have to be established through calculation or experimentation. Mobile or static test equipment allows individual load types to be tested in the corresponding compound with reproducible results. Customer-specific solutions enable us to cover the broad range of tests and specimens depending on requirements. This means that custom products can also still be used universally.

  • Test Frame PR 630 S

    Test Frame PR 630 S

    Static / dynamic extraction trials (vertical / horizontal / diagonal) tubular piston cylinders each according to assembly and accessories: Plates with recessed pins or anchors

  • Pulling Device ZV 250

    Pulling Device ZV 250

    Mobile, vertical extraction test on specimens, for load and displacement control in the closed loop of the servo-hydraulic on: pins, anchors, bolts, nails

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