Creep Rupture Test Machine

Area of use:

  • detecting material behaviour
  • material characterisation in the field of power station and turbine technology so that systems can be operated with pressures and temperatures
  • long-term tests to design high-temperature parts
  • determining the creep and high-temperature behaviour
  • consistent mechanical and thermal load
Photos from MPA Stuttgart (Materials Testing Institute) 
Photos from MPA Stuttgart (Materials Testing Institute)


  • DIN EN ISO 7500, class 0.5 / 1


  • choice of test load between: 1 … 100 kN

Test fields:

  • testing institutes
  • research centres


  • round specimens
  • flat specimens
  • tube segments


  • DIN EN ISO 204
  • national guidelines from working groups


  • creep rupture tests, creep tests with long test duration
  • relaxation tests
  • tests with constant load application  
  • creep behaviour by measuring with periodical test interruptions


  • stable profile load frame with high stiffness mounted on an underframe
  • precise test lines can be adapted in any number 
  • platform for test set-up with space for heating and regulation
  • the machine elements are screwed together free of play and are deformation-resistant
  • all contact surfaces are machine-finished to achieve the greatest possible parallelism across the whole frame
  • mounting plates for alignment and support


  • deadweight with incremental weights using a lifting system built-in underneath. The highest production precision facilitates consistent load application with guaranteed long-term stabilityt

Options / Accessories:

  • electro-mechanical or hydraulic load unit
  • measurement and control of force and strain
  • „PROTEUS“ test software for test control and evaluation
  • force and strain measuring system with suitable measuring rods
  • high temperature ovens
  • tensioning equipment with adapters for differing specimen dimensions



In order to be able to offer you the best possible solution, we ideally need a few more details from you, such as
- for which application are you looking for a solution?
- what material, samples or dimensions do you want to test?


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