Bending Testing Machine DELTA 1-400 S

Application Range

  • self-monitoring
  • proficiency tests
  • building material research
  • building material development


  • optional from 100 to 1000 kN


  • according to current international standards (ASTM, DIN, BS, etc.) depending on application


  • long beams / supports made of different materials (e.g. wood, concrete, composite materials)
Bending Testing Machine DELTA 1-400 S

Test Facilities

  • material testing institutes
  • colleges
  • building material test sites
  • research laboratories


  • testing to nominal load, crack load, or up to specimen failure
  • static bending tests with a high bandwidth of different specimen dimensions
  • speed-controlled tests
  • deformation-controlled tests
  • determination of the modulus of elasticity


  • stable 3-column machine frame in C-shape. This shape makes it possible to load even heavier specimens from the front with a forklift truck.

  • servo-hydraulically controlled low-friction test cylinder with force transducer for exact and precise test control and evaluation

  • complete bending device

Drive & Control

  • AS-C20-N drive station for continuous load increase
  • testing software "PROTEUS" - with module for peak pressure testing

Options / Accessories

  • electronic piston stroke measuring and control equipment
  • bending measuring device

  • drive-in aid


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