Bed Plate

Bed Plate Equipment

Universal testing machines are usually insufficient when it comes to testing large finished parts. Special testing        systems are configured in their place by mounting universal test portals on a bed plate. Thus, the range of applications is almost limitless. The design of the overall project is tailored to part dimensions, applications and load types.

FORM+TEST has already realized a broad range of solutions for bed plates, portals and testing cylinders over the course of its history. This means that new projects and the design and execution of such concepts is less cost-intensive. The system also offers the complete range of adaptation and expansion options.

Configuring such tests requires trained staff, suitable conditions in the testing hall and effective lifting equipment to keep costs down.
Intensive planning of all details in advance is crucial. We‘re happy to advise you on this as early as possible. Then we take care of planning, delivery of components and installation on site.

Bed plate
Bed plate
Bed plate
Bed plate


  • Clamping sleeves
  • Anchors
  • Cover plate, body cover, nuts
  • Tensioning device

Options / accessories:

  • Test portals
  • Test cylinders
  • Central hydraulic aggregate with high flow rate
  • Line construction
  • Measuring and control electronics with test software
  • Distributor stations
  • Spherical plain bearings
Bed plate