• Initial Operation

    Initial Operation

    It goes without saying that we can undertake the transportation for you as well as the erection and the test systems are assembled on the spot by our trained service personnel. This of course also includes thoroughly testing the test machine complete with the accessories.

  • Maintenance


    We can offer you individual maintenance or maintenance contracts for FORM+TEST testing machines with accessories as well as for other brands.

  • Repairs


    Our testing machines and their accessories as well as other testing equipment are checked if and when required at your facility or in our works and repaired if necessary. We guarantee that the work is carried out and monitored by trained personnel and if necessary spare parts can be procured. In conjunction with repairs on the spot other services such as DAkkS calibration, maintenance and training can be provided.

  • Spare Parts

    Spare Parts

    Spare parts maintain the value of your testing machines and systems and ensure that they are fully operational. FORM+TEST has a very extensive store of spare parts. They can therefore be supplied as quickly as possible from the store when needed by service personnel. Many spare parts are still available for testiing machines produced in the 1960s and 1970s.

  • Training


    The training and briefing in your new testing system is provided on the spot by a member of the service team at your facility or at our works in Riedlingen. At the same time the following aspects etc. are conveyed to the operating staff: Briefing on the functions of the test frame (operation / inserting specimens / safety) Explaining the functions / setting the machine controller Establishing the course of the test Setting the system on the basis of the test parameters Briefing on the test program Last but not least special attention is paid to working safely and efficiently with the machine.

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