Testing Building Materials

Building materials - from the raw material to the end product - are continually being refined. The only way to increase efficiency consistently is to apply the strictest quality testing. Building products with low material usage, high strength and optimised material properties can only be used if all the necessary properties have been subjected to exacting tests. The required standards are integrated into FORM+TEST‘s combined compression/bending test machines for the construction industry. The highest accuracy ensures reliable monitoring results. Data for future further development are produced through an automated process. This enables FORM+TEST to continue delivering competitive products in the future, which far exceed the standard requirements.

Our testing machines are characterised by

• Modular design

• Simple test sequences

• Low energy consumption.

FORM+TEST also develops machines that are not designed for standardised applications. Profit from our decades of experience!

The machines listed here are just an overview. You will find detailed information about our building material testing machines in our individual brochures or on our website.