Quality Assurance

We naturally have our own department for quality assurance. For you this means that we continually maintain the proverbial "Swabian quality". Over and above that, of course, we also comply with international standards. Due to our quality management being certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 we guarantee that only high-quality materials leave our works and are given the "original FORM+TEST" seal of quality.


Our extensive material tests during the production process set high standards. For example, before being mounted every pressure plate is tested several times on its strength. This guarantees that only high-quality materials and products leave our works and are given the FORM+TEST-seal of quality.


We naturally have our own department for quality assurance. Here each of our test machines is calibrated in the works before delivery in order to confirm its high conformity to standards.


Through the certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 the testing and measuring equipment is subject to a constant control. For this control we use a linear measuring system with an accuracy of 1/1000 mm.
Only in this way can the high accuracy of our test machines be guaranteed.


Our testing machines are subject to a very stringent final inspection. Here the surface roughness of the pressure plates is i.a. meticulously controlled in the case of each test machine. This ensures a DAkkS (German Calibration Service) acceptance at the customer's facility which we can carry out ourselves.


How to reach us

FORM+TEST Seidner&Co. GmbH
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