Compression Test Machine ALPHA 1-12000

Application Range

  • for static pressure tests


  • test force 5000 kN


  • DIN EN ISO 7500-1
  • DIN EN ISO 376


  • according to DIN EN ISO 376, class 0,5
  • from 40 kN class 1,0
  • from 100 kN class 0,5


  • load cells
  • force washers
  • force measuring axes
  • force measuring sleeves
  • weighing platforms
Compression Test Machine ALPHA 1-12000

Test Facilities

  • manufacturers of force gauges
  • material testing institutes
  • users who use a large number of force transducers and subject them to self-monitoring


  • calibration of force measuring elements with very high accuracy
  • continuous calibrations in direction of compressive force


  • highly rigid 4-column load frame

  • special low-friction test cylinder with hydrostatic bearings

  • Build-Up system for high-precision force measurement via 3 precision force transducers

  • running-in carriage for efficient change of test specimens

  • pressure pads and distance plate adapted to the application

  • PA 30 hydraulic unit with sound insulation hood
  • drive station type C30-N-PC S with additional resolved measuring ranges
  • test software with coordinated calibration module for efficient calibration
  • lifting device for a quick change of the testing fixtures

Options / Accessories

  • retractable pressure plates
  • version for combined tensile and compression testing

  • higher forces and accuracies possible on request after verification


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